Digital Agency for Government | NYC

  • Non-Profit WordPress Design, Migration, & Development
    World Affairs Councils of America
    CSS3, Drupal, JavaScript, MySQL, Pantheon, PHP, SEO, SEM, SMM, Wordpress

    WordPress Design, Migration, & Development for National Non-Profit

    World Affairs Council of Orange County

    In December 2019 we worked with the Orange County division of the World Affairs Councils of America to bring their website up to today's standards. Rather than patching up an old WordPress site we started fresh with WordPress 5 on and migrated their old events to the new framework.

    We are also helping them with their events management and promotion, Marketing Automation, recurring memberships and donations, and Twitter ads.

  • Node JS Website Scraper Script
    New York State
    Drupal, JavaScript, MySQL, Node JS, Wordpress

    NodeJS Website Scraper Script

    Scrape flat HTML files, get the data into a CSV for import into a WordPress or Drupal database

    A client had a need to scrape thousands of flat HTML files and PDFs, and get them into a CMS. We used NodeJS to scrape the.. Enough talk, show me the code!

  • NYC WordPress Development for Government
    New York State
    API Integration, CSS3, Drupal, HTML5, MySQL, Node JS, Pantheon, SASS / SCSS, SEO, SEM, SMM

    WordPress Development for the Historical Society of the New York Courts

    Migrate thousands of HTML and PDF files to WordPress CMS for this government organization

    The websites for New York State Courts have historically been flat HTML files. Our job was to migrate these files to the WordPress CMS, retaining relationships between content, links, images, files, and publications, and create an easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly website. We used NodeJS to scrape the HTML files and to clean up the HTML data for the migration.

  • Dashboard Design, Qlik JSON, Websockets, JavaScript ES6 Web Development
    United Nations
    API Integration, JavaScript

    Dashboard Design, Qlik JSON, Websockets, JavaScript ES6 Web Development

    Qlik Sense Data Analytics Programming for the United Nations

    Working with the QlikSense API and frameworkless modern web development fundamentals to build out a staff dashboard for the United Nations to help them visualize staff demographics, analytics, and reports. Stack used: Node.js, ES6, Electron, IndexDB, D3.js, Babel, SASS, Gulp, Qlik API.

  • Drupal 8 Website With LDAP Active Directory Integration
    City of Raleigh, NC
    Active Directory, API Integration, Drupal, JavaScript, LDAP Single Sign On

    Drupal 8 Website With LDAP Active Directory Integration

    Lead Agency: Wkshps

    The City of Raleigh and the State of North Carolina completed the closing process for the City’s acquisition of 308 acres of the Dorothea Dix Campus. The purpose of the City’s acquisition of the property is to eventually plan and develop a new destination park.

    The City of Raleigh initiated a master planning process for Dorothea Dix Park in 2017. This new website is used to promote events and keep the community updated on development of the park.

  • FEMA: Drupal Website Development

    Drupal website development for FEMA

    U.S. Government: Disaster Preparedness Website Development

    Lead agency: GovDelivery / NuCivic. America's PrepareAthon! is a grassroots campaign created by FEMA to increase natural disaster preparedness across the United States. We teamed with the wonderful folks at GovDelivery to help build this mobile-friendly user-driven Drupal website.

  • Drupal design and theming for CIRM (California's Stem Cell Agency)
    The State of California / CIRM

    Drupal website redesign for CIRM (California's Stem Cell Agency)

    Desktop and mobile design and custom responsive theming for government agency

    The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) was created in 2004 after California voters approved California Prop 71 which established an Oversight Committee that governs the allocation of $3 billion authorized to fund stem cell research in California.

    The mission of CIRM is: To support and advance stem cell research and regenerative medicine under the highest ethical and medical standards for the discovery and development of cures, therapies, diagnostics and research technologies to relieve human suffering from chronic disease injury.



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