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  • WordPress Members-Only Partner Portal
    JavaScript, Pantheon, PHP, Wordpress

    WordPress Members-Only Partner Portal

    Moving from Proprietary Software to Open Source

    We migrated Medidata's Partner Portal from the proprietary Jive Software to the Open Source WordPress CMS, creating a password-protected members-only communication and collaboration tool. Because their corporate WordPress website had a similar design and some shared content we were able to leverage work done on the corporate website (saving time and money) and create a connection between the two systems.

  • WordPress Development, NYC
    Apache Solr, API Integration, CSS3, Eloqua, JavaScript, MySQL, Node JS, Pantheon, PHP, SASS / SCSS, SEO, SEM, SMM, Wordpress

    NYC WordPress Development + Modern Frontend Development

    WordPress Development for SaaS Company within the Clinical Trials Space

    We paired our WordPress Development Lead with our Frontend Development Lead (each with a decade of experience) to execute on an important redesign and redevelopment project for NYC-based Medidata Solutions, a $5.8 billion technology company with 2,000 employees that develops and markets software as a service (SaaS) solutions for clinical trials.

    Medidata was migrating from a Drupal 7 website, looking to simplify their web framework with WordPress. Div used modern web development standards to build out a fresh new website, complete with custom REST APIs, integrations with Stripe, Jobvite, Eloqua, Redis, Solr, and Google Tag Manager.

  • Drupal 8 Development
    API Integration, Cloudflare, CSS3, Drupal, ES6, HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Python, SASS / SCSS, SEO, SEM, SMM

    Drupal 8 Development

    Lead Agency: Blue Fountain Media / Pactera

    The Div team partnered with the incredible team at Blue Fountain Media (Pactera) to build a new Drupal 8 website for Workfront (formerly AtTask). We migrated thousands of pieces of content from their previous stack – a combination of Uberflip (a proprietary CMS) and WordPress – using Drupal 8 Feeds, Migrate API, and Python. Content needed to be imported in a way that would fit into the Drupal architecture, a challenging project in a tight timeline, and the Div team got it done.

  • Node JS Website Scraper Script
    New York State
    Drupal, JavaScript, MySQL, Node JS, Wordpress

    NodeJS Website Scraper Script

    Scrape flat HTML files, get the data into a CSV for import into a WordPress or Drupal database

    A client had a need to scrape thousands of flat HTML files and PDFs, and get them into a CMS. We used NodeJS to scrape the.. Enough talk, show me the code!

  • Drupal 8 data migration
    Drupal, Python, SEO, SEM, SMM

    Content Migration from Proprietary CMS to Drupal 8 using Python, D8 Feeds, and Migrate API

    Python, D8 Feeds, and Migrate API

    We are working with a large client, migrating them from their current content marketing software to Drupal 8. To complete the migration we are using a combination of Drupal 8 Feeds, Migrate API, and Python to alter the content, retain images from many sources, and import the content into a D8 website that we are building using a components-based approach (using Drupal Paragraphs and Entity Construction Kit). We also need to take into account SEO, metadata, URL redirects.

    We are also doing some Python scraping with Beautiful Soup, a Python library for pulling data out of HTML and XML files, and Scrapy, a web crawling framework, written in Python, for web scraping and to extract data using APIs.

  • React Native + Drupal Publishing Platform
    Android app, Drupal, iPhone app, React Native

    React Native + Drupal Publishing Platform

    We are turning Drupal websites into publishing hubs, making use of a JSON endpoint consumed by native iPhone and Android apps

    A number of our clients have a community of followers with whom they are looking to more actively engage. We're extending Drupal and Wordpress websites into publishing hubs that can push notifications to their readers' phones as well as post to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, increasing user engagement.

    We're following Bloomberg's lead. The engineering team at Bloomberg’s New York City headquarters developed their native apps using React Native, the first tool that truly delivers on the promise of cross-platform native app development. A web-based content hub, paired with native iPhone and Android apps. Powerful Publishing Platforms.

  • Drupal Design, NYC
    Drupal, SEO, SEM, SMM, Shopify

    Drupal and Shopify Websites For Eventide

    Design & Development

    Founded in NYC in 1971, Eventide is an audio and broadcast, communications, and avionics company in the United States whose audio division manufactures digital audio processors and DSP software, and guitar effects. Eventide was one of the first companies to manufacture digital audio processors, and its products are mainstays in sound recording and reproduction, post production, and broadcast studios.

  • Drupal 8 Development NYC
    Drupal, JavaScript

    Drupal 8 Development for NYC-based INTURN

    Front End Development, Salesforce Integration, Landing Pages, Oh My

    Teamed with the talented creative partners at Craft & Root, Div has been helping INTURN streamline their sales channels using Salesforce and component-based landing pages.

    INTURN is the first global marketplace to efficiently and easily sell end-of-season/excess inventory to retailers in private online showrooms. INTURN’s first vertical focus is specifically built for fashion and apparel brands. This marketplace provides automated tools to replace what is a manual, painstaking, error-prone process. The result is a solution that provides a powerful opportunity to increase profitability. INTURN is designed and led by retail industry veterans and technology experts.

  • Drupal Developers, NYC
    The New School
    API Integration, Drupal

    Drupal Development for The New School in NYC

    Div, providing development resources for the school's Information Technology Department

    We are excited to announce that for 2017 we are being brought in to augment The New School's IT department, to help them with their Drupal website(s). Looking forward to a long, fruitful, relationship with this wonderful school a few blocks from the Div office in NYC!

  • Drupal Design and Development for Pharma Research
    API Integration, Drupal

    Drupal Design and Development for Pharma Company

    Providing registry data and consulting services to biopharmaceutical companies

    Corrona operates the largest real world observational database of detailed clinical observational data from physicians and patients. Corrona also offers data and consulting services to biopharmaceutical companies.

    They came to us with a 6 year old Wordpress website. We provided them with 6 fresh new website design choices and integrated their favorite with the Drupal Content Management System. We also provided Logo and Mobile design, Primary User and Audience Research which resulted in bucketing content based on the type of visitor, tablet design, theme development, and web analytics.

  • Drupal Design and Development NYC
    Open Camps / NYC Drupal Camp

    NYC Drupal Camp

    Design and Development for Open Source Developer Conference

    Our team has contributed to the design and development of the official website for the 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017 NYC Drupal Camps, attended by approximately 700 people. The website is, of course, built with Drupal and includes registration and session schedule. The home page was a *live* feed from the camp during the sessions, including streaming video and Twitter feeds. It's responsive and mobile and tablet-friendly.

  • Google

    Google Chromebook

    Responsive Web Design

    We worked with the very talented team at Google Creative Labs to help design the Chromebook: For Everyone site experience. The responsive design allowed the site to work seamlessly across any device. This was prevalent across all three iterations of the site - the original state, during the Times Square takeover and for the Google street team.



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