Book for Zep & Mac

Hi Zep and Mac. You can do anything you dream of, if you just stay positive and keep on trying.

How you think makes you happy or unhappy. You can choose to be happy.

Your attitude determines your success… and your happiness.

Be interested in other people. Ask them questions. Listen to their answers.

Be happy to see people. Say hello with a smile. Shake their hand with a firm handshake. Give them a hug. Like a puppy, excited to see a friend.

If you are interested in someone, find out what they are interested in. Ask them, “What do you like? What interests you?” Be interested in what they say.

Be understanding.
Be forgiving.

Consider other people’s feelings. Listen to their side of the story.

Learn people’s names. Say their name to them when you say hello.

Be brave. Even if you are not. Pretend to be.

If you don’t feel confident, pretend you are confident. Decide in your mind that you are confident.

Forgive people.
Let it go.
Move on.

Don’t talk negatively about other people behind their back. Find a way to be positive.

Find a way to stay strong. Things will be OK. Time has a way of healing.

Be excited about other people’s success. Tell them you are happy for them. Learn from their success.

Practice patience.
Practice sympathy.

Keep positive thoughts in your mind. Envision your success and success will come to you. Keep going.

Work hard. Never give up.
Enjoy the ride.

And always remember… your mommy and daddy love you so much.