WordPress Multisite Development for Washington State County Health Departments

Photo of students with COVID masks

Washington State

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Making it easy for Washington State to manage 30 websites for their county health departments, using WordPress Multisite

Our team has helped build a few large multisite projects over the past decade+, including the Drupal multisite platform for Sony Music. WordPress Multisite has come a long way and is an amazing solution for maintaining many similar websites — a single codebase and database, content distribution, linking (and unlinking) content, using WP shortcodes for automatic content customization based on site.

Pantheon provides fantastic hosting for WordPress Site Networks (also known as WordPress Multisite) which lets you create a network of sites using a single copy of the WordPress codebase and a common database. For those responsible for maintaining several or dozens of similar sites, WordPress Site Networks can make it much easier to fix bugs and deploy new features across all of those sites.

In this case we were tasked with building a framework for distribution of trusted disease prevention and treatment information, something that has become so important since the pandemic.

Other use cases for WP Multisite:

  • Universities
  • Franchise or brand sites under a parent organization
  • Media publications


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Year: 2022