Selected Work

  • Drupal Design, NYC
    Drupal, SEO, SEM, SMM, Shopify

    Drupal and Shopify Websites For Eventide

    Design & Development

    Founded in NYC in 1971, Eventide is an audio and broadcast, communications, and avionics company in the United States whose audio division manufactures digital audio processors and DSP software, and guitar effects. Eventide was one of the first companies to manufacture digital audio processors, and its products are mainstays in sound recording and reproduction, post production, and broadcast studios.

  • Drupal 8 Website With LDAP Active Directory Integration
    City of Raleigh, NC
    Active Directory (Microsoft Directory Service), API Integration, Drupal, JavaScript, LDAP Single Sign On

    Drupal 8 Website With LDAP Active Directory Integration

    Lead Agency: Project Projects

    On July 24th, 2015, the City of Raleigh and the State of North Carolina completed the closing process for the City’s acquisition of 308 acres of the Dorothea Dix Campus. The purpose of the City’s acquisition of the property is to eventually plan and develop a new destination park.

    The City of Raleigh will initiate a master planning process for Dorothea Dix Park in 2017. If you have ideas about the future of Dorothea Dix Park or would like additional information please contact Kate Pearce, Senior Planner.

  • Component-based Drupal 8 Development for the Financial Services Industry
    Cross River Bank
    Drupal, JavaScript

    Component-based Drupal 8 Development for the Financial Services Industry

    Lead agency: The Nation

    Cross River Bank is a leader in API-driven banking. Banking-as-a-Platform. Their target audience consists of businesses looking to offer banking services to their customers. NYC-based digital agency, The Nation, led the concept and design of their new website, while Div took on the build.

  • Drupal 8 Development NYC
    Drupal, JavaScript, Salesforce

    Drupal 8 Development for NYC-based INTURN

    Front End Development, Salesforce Integration, Landing Pages, Oh My

    Teamed with the talented creative partners at Craft & Root, Div has been helping INTURN streamline their sales channels using Salesforce and component-based landing pages.

    INTURN is the first global marketplace to efficiently and easily sell end-of-season/excess inventory to retailers in private online showrooms. INTURN’s first vertical focus is specifically built for fashion and apparel brands. This marketplace provides automated tools to replace what is a manual, painstaking, error-prone process. The result is a solution that provides a powerful opportunity to increase profitability. INTURN is designed and led by retail industry veterans and technology experts.

  • Marian Goodman Gallery
    Drupal, Shopify

    Marian Goodman Gallery

    Overhaul current Drupal CMS + New Shopify Store

    For 40 years the Marian Goodman Gallery has been one of the most influential galleries in the aggressively global commercial art world. The gallery team was looking for improved SEO and an overall improved website experience on mobile and desktop. Div spent a few weeks performing an overhaul that assured best practices and a better content management framework. We also spun out their store to Shopify for a better dedicated eCommerce experience.

  • Social Media Marketing, SEO & SEM for Golf Product
    Watson Golf
    SEO, SEM, SMM, Shopify

    Social Media Marketing, SEO & SEM for Golf Product

    Creative Ways to Use Social Media to Launch a Product

    In addition to building a Shopify store for Watson Golf, Div is working with them to engage with buyers and ambassadors on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media has changed everything when it comes to marketing. Now, instead of spending a ton of money hoping to get in front of the “right people,” you are the in the driver's seat. Social media allows you to connect with people and encourage engagement with people who have already indicated interest. Leverage that following and grow that following every month. Develop relationships across social channels. Taking product marketing to an entirely new level.

  • Drupal Developers, NYC
    The New School
    API Integration, Drupal

    Drupal Development for The New School in NYC

    Div, providing development resources for the school's Information Technology Department

    We are excited to announce that for 2017 we are being brought in to augment The New School's IT department, to help them with their Drupal website(s). Looking forward to a long, fruitful, relationship with this wonderful school a few blocks from the Div office in NYC!

  • School Education Website Design Development NYC
    Columbia University
    API Integration, Drupal

    Drupal Website for Columbia University Division of Child Psych

    Responsive custom website consists of microsites and complex landing pages

    External API integration has become a must have for all websites. This new website for the Division of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at Columbia University in NYC syncs with CU's faculty API and includes custom integration with the Google Maps API. It also includes about 30 mini-site pages for each of their programs, which give them access to internal menus and program-based content.

  • Drupal Website For NYC-based Real Estate Company
    Werba Realty
    API Integration, Drupal, JavaScript, SEO, SEM, SMM

    Drupal Website For NYC-based Real Estate Company

    MLS integration with Apache Solr Search

    The wonderful folks at Werba Realty in Queens, New York City, were long overdue for a website update. We created a clean, custom design and greatly improved on their previous website's integration with automated Mortgage Listing Service (MLS) data and search capabilities. We built a website that allows their management team to manage properties, transactions, clients, and brokers. All in a single Drupal application.

  • Drupal Developer NYC. Solr Search API. Asset Management.
    Pernod Ricard

    Drupal Developer for Pernod Ricard, NYC

    Lead Agency: TheLab

    Lead by the talented team at TheLab in NYC, Div took on the build and theming of the Drupal website for $24 billion dollar spirits producer, Pernod Ricard. The website is a resource for the hundreds of thousands of bars, stores, and vendors who carry their products. A custom module built onto the Drupal CMS connects to an external API to sync tens of thousands of assets and stay up to date with events and campaigns.

  • Microsite Built Into Existing Drupal Website for Columbia University
    Columbia University

    Microsite Built Into Existing Drupal Website for Columbia University

    Galleries, Events, Stories, Social, Donations, and SEO

    SIPA alumni, students, faculty, and donors are all part of a unique and vibrant community dedicated to making a difference in the world. In celebration of SIPA’s 70th anniversary, we helped them build out a special microsite to share success stories.

  • University Wordpress to Drupal Migration, Theme Integration
    Columbia University
    Drupal, Wordpress

    University Wordpress to Drupal Migration

    Columbia SIPA Journal of International Affairs

    The folks at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) in New York City have published the Journal of International Affairs since 1947. The online version of their publication had been run on Wordpress but they were looking to migrate it to Drupal. We built them a streamlined, mobile-optimized, Drupal website and migrated their content from their old Wordpress site.

  • Drupal Website Support for NYC Real Estate Firm, Thor Equities
    Thor Equities
    Drupal, JavaScript, Salesforce

    Drupal Website Support for Global Real Estate Firm, Thor Equities

    Providing development support. Website originally built by our talented friends at Rokkan.

    Founded in 1986, Thor Equities is a global leader in real estate development, leasing and management of commercial, residential, retail, hotel and mixed-use assets, with headquarters in New York City, London and Mexico City.

    Div provides ongoing support and maintenance and improvements to Thor's suite of websites.

  • Drupal and Wordpress Migration for the NYC Department of Education
    NYC Department of Education
    Drupal, Wordpress

    Drupal + Wordpress → Drupal Migration

    Queens, NY: East-West School of International Studies, EWSIS

    We migrated an old Drupal website and a Wordpress blog into a fresh new Drupal website and blew away the expectations in terms of design and functionality, all within the school's tight budget.

  • Twitter, Rails and JavaScript used to create
    Advance Publications
    JavaScript, Ruby on Rails

    Twitter, Rails and JavaScript used to create

    Integrating hashtag voting on Twitter into a chart and live stream website

    Led by the very talented team at Advance Digital, we helped implement the JavaScript side of the app, integrating the Twitter JSON API, HighCharts, voting and voting results.

  • UBM Advanstar

    PHP to Drupal for Fashion Conference Website

    We converted a legacy PHP site to Drupal for the good folks of WWDMagic and UBM Advanstar

    UBM Advanstar is a multinational media company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Its principal operations are live media and business-to-business communications, marketing services and data provision, and it principally serves the technology, healthcare, trade and transport, ingredients and fashion industries.

  • Drupal Design and Development for Pharma Research
    API Integration, Drupal

    Drupal Design and Development for Pharma Company

    Providing registry data and consulting services to biopharmaceutical companies

    Corrona operates the largest real world observational database of detailed clinical observational data from physicians and patients. Corrona also offers data and consulting services to biopharmaceutical companies.

    They came to us with a 6 year old Wordpress website. We provided them with 6 fresh new website design choices and integrated their favorite with the Drupal Content Management System. We also provided Logo and Mobile design, Primary User and Audience Research which resulted in bucketing content based on the type of visitor, tablet design, theme development, and web analytics.

  • Drupal Conference Website
    Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con

    Los Angeles Comic Con

    Design and Development: Conference Website for Stan Lee's 65,000-person event held in downtown Los Angeles, California

    Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con is a three day event held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from October 28 - October 30, 2016. Los Angeles Comic Con is L.A.’s ultimate comic con and pop-culture experience. L.A. Comic Con embraces a diversity of genres, including anime, comic, fantasy, horror, gaming, pop-culture and sci-fi, with a large focus on the L.A. community.

  • Web Design for Conference Website
    UBM Advanstar

    Web Design for Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Website

    International Motorcycle Shows

    Div provided design for The Progressive International Motorcycle Shows, the largest and most influential touring consumer motorcycle show in the U.S.

  • Drupal Development & Theming for Yale University

    Drupal Development & Theming for Yale University

    Lead Agency: Square360. Content and theme based on domain.

    We worked with the talented folks at Square360 to provide tools for running a group of affiliated sites from one Drupal installation and a single shared database. Sharing users, content, and configurations across a group of sites, to output content based on domain.

  • Front End Development for American Express Client
    American Express

    Front End Development for American Express

    HTML, CSS, JS Prototyping for Amex Customer Account Screens

    Creating clickable HTML prototypes for Amex to demo new website functionality and design, across devices. Demonstrating effective user interface design.

  • Drupal Conference Website Design and Development for Libraries
    Anythink Libraries

    Drupal Conference Website Design and Development for Libraries

    Quick turnaround to rebuild conference website using Drupal

    Libraries are dynamic centers for engagement that help everyone in your local community be their best. To shift perceptions, we need to demonstrate how the library is more relevant than ever before. Outside the Lines is a weeklong celebration demonstrating the creativity and innovation happening in libraries.

  • FEMA: Drupal Website Development

    Drupal website development for FEMA

    U.S. Government: Disaster Preparedness Website Development

    Lead agency: GovDelivery / NuCivic. America's PrepareAthon! is a grassroots campaign created by FEMA to increase natural disaster preparedness across the United States. We teamed with the wonderful folks at GovDelivery to help build this mobile-friendly user-driven Drupal website.

  • Drupal Design and Development for Colorado Library District
    Anythink Libraries

    Drupal and PHP Development for Colorado Library District

    Helping to improve and expand upon Anythink's web platform

    Welcome to your new Anythink library – a destination for entertainment and education. A world where all of us can find sparks, search for fuel and let our imaginations soar. With new creative spaces that are more engaging than any library you have ever visited before.

    We have been working with the Rangeview Library District in Colorado for the past year, helping to improve and expand upon Anythink's web presence.




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