Stock Screener : 2021-05-01

Symbol Company Name Security Type Security Price Sector Industry Sub-Industry Market Cap Price/Sales Ratio P/E Ratio (TTM) Price/Cash Flow Ratio CINF Cincinnati Financial Corp Common Stock $112.68 Financials Insurance Property & Casualty Insurance $18.14B 1.8 6.0 5.8 AFL AFLAC Inc Common Stock $53.73 Financials Insurance Life & Health Insurance $36.57B 1.7 6.9 6.8 ALL Allstate

Thoughts on Berkshire Hathaway’s 2020 Cash Pile, Markets, Inflation, the US Dollar, and so on

I have a strong interest in Warren Buffett’s “way”. I think it’s fascinating that he has been able to beat the market so handily from age 11 to age 90, when so few others have been able to do the same. His approach to investing “makes sense” to me – he invests in companies he

How to Value a Company

There will be a lot of conversations about why prices are going up or down… in the end it’s simply supply and demand. More buyers than sellers makes the price go up. More sellers than buyers makes the price go down. Either people want more of it or they don’t. (Paraphrased from Josh Brown) has