WordPress Development for the New York Courts

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New York Courts

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Migrate thousands of HTML and PDF files to Drupal and WordPress CMS for government organization

The websites for New York State Courts have historically been flat HTML files. Our job was to migrate these files to MySQL databases, retaining relationships between content, links, images, files, and publications, and create an easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly website. We used NodeJS to scrape the HTML files and to clean up the HTML data for the migration.

The main project was for the nycourts.gov website, migrating them to Drupal. In order to keep continuity with the NYCourts.gov website as a whole during the migration we built a Drupal website that mimicked the look of the NY Courts HTML website, migrated tens of thousands of pieces of content — HTML files, images, PDFs, retained all the relationships and links, and seamlessly began the migration from flat HTML to CMS.

We also completed a side-project for the Historical Society of the New York Courts, migrating their membership-based website to WordPress.


Integration with Content Management System, Migration, CMS, Primary User and Audience Research, Theme development, Web Analytics, Web: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS


Drupal, JavaScript, MySQL, Node JS, WordPress, API Integration, CSS3, Drupal, HTML5, MySQL, Node JS, Pantheon, SASS / SCSS, SEO, SEM, SMM

Year: 2017

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