Drupal Design Development and Performance Optimization for NYC-based Spirits Company

Drupal Website Development Team, NYC

Bowler Wine

Content migration, performance improvements, reduce the codebase, SEO improvements, accessibility remediation, design

A performance audit of Bowler Wine’s website showed “enormous network payloads”. The Div team was brought on board to do an overhaul of the codebase and site-build to improve performance, accessibility (ADA compliance), and SEO best practices for their website. We also did a redesign + redevelopment of the frontend.

The site has about 10,000 pieces of content, mostly well-structured in the database, but not optimized on the frontend. We migrated the website to Pantheon, removed 70 modules from the codebase, implemented sensible image presets, caching, and used Apache Solr Search to build an easily searchable display of Bowler’s extensive portfolio of wines and spirits.


Integration with Content Management System, Mobile Design, Primary User and Audience Research, Theme development, Web Analytics, Web Design, Web: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS


Apache Solr, CSS3, Drupal, HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL, Pantheon, PHP, SEO, SEM, SMM

Year: 2018

Drupal Developer, NYC
Drupal Developer, NYC